NatureTalks:  I Spy a Budding Citizen Scientist

Saskatoon is surrounded by stunning natural spaces. Look up, look down, look side to side. We take pictures and mental images of what we see, and we carry those memories with us. But look closer - those weeds, that rare flower, that bird! These are some examples of important observations that can be contributed to various organizations and applications. Citizen science is a growing field in which public observations directly contribute to information that is used to help guide conservation efforts. Come hear from local conservation experts as we explore your role as a citizen scientist and what it means for conservation planning. Using examples, the speakers will guide you through different applications and real-world examples so that YOU can become your own scientist! 

The presentation will be followed by a question and answer session.


Friday, May 24th 7:00pM - 8:00PM

The Underground Cafe 430 20th Street West, Saskatoon

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Nature City Saskatoon
Underground Cafe
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